About us

B&S International France and sister company Bruun & Sorensen Suisse are part of the Danish engineering group INTERTEC. Since 1978 we have been a sub-supplier to CERN to whom we deliver technical services in the form of engineering, maintenance and installation services. Initially, our main involvement with CERN was in the construction of the LEP accelerator, since switched into a Technical Services Contract that we successfully have renewed every 5-10 years after tendering.

Today we employ more than 90 technicians and engineers at CERN and we’re involved in both maintenance of accelerator equipment as well as development of future accelerator technologies.

In 2018 we won a tender to assemble 33 Cryomodules at the CEA site of Saclay for the linear accelerator at European Spallation Source (ESS). We have the overall project management responsibility (after an initial training period) and the project is scheduled to run until 2023. We’re in charge of Planning (Assembly and Components), Quality Assurance, ISO4 Clean Room Assembly, Tube Welding (SS+TI), high-precision Laser Alignment and Vacuum Testing (COFREND LT Level 2).

We’re certified ISO9000:2015.