B&S International France and  Bruun & Sörensen Suisse

  • Project Management
  • Equipment for Big Science Organization
  • Maintenance, Installation for Big Science Organization
  • Assembly of Equipment for Big Science Organization
  • ISO4 clean-room
  • Leakage Test Cofrend2 et Laser Alignment


INTERTEC ENGINEERING DIVISION has the necessary expert process knowledge and solid installation experience to be your preferred partner in the electrical design and automation processes. We can assist you in all the project phases from consultancy through the design process to the installation and implementation. We know that two projects are never identical so we deliver tailor-made solutions, designed specifically for you and your specific requirements.

Our ENGINEERING business unit possesses intricate process knowledge in the following areas:

  • Production lines for the feed industry, especially for fish feed and pet food 
  • Bulk handling on bulk carriers
  • Production lines for the food industry including dairies
  • Production lines for starch production facilities

Our core competencies are in the following fields:

  • Process knowledge within food and feed production
  • Recipe and order handling
  • Dosing systems and traceability
  • Batch handling
  • Relevant standards and regulations
  • Logistics and dispatch of materials to end customer location
  • Replace old equipment to new and updated equipment with a minimum of production downtime


An INTERTEC ENGINEERING DIVISION project typically comprises the following elements:

  • Project management
  • Design of Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) and IO panels, earthing, automation installations and cable routing
  • Engineering of functional descriptions
  • Programming of PLC and SCADA automation systems
  • Programming of systems for traceability, recipe and order handling
  • Supply of power panels, automation panel systems and installation materials
  • Site management and supervision
  • Installation of all electrical and automation systems
  • Management, test performing and commissioning (commissioning and customer hand-over)
  • Training of operators and maintenance staff